My name is David Bachman, and this is my blog! I am a Mathematician who enjoys art,  design, and all things related. My main webpage is at davidbachmandesign.com, where you can see some of my work. This blog is where I record my explorations.

I now have a small design consultancy, where I help people all over the world turn their ideas into 3D printable designs. I design primarily with Rhinoceros3D and Grasshopper, augmented with occasional Python scripting. I prototype many designs with a Flashforge FFF printer, and produce finished products with Shapeways.com.

Professionally, I am a Professor of Mathematics at Pitzer college, in Claremont, CA. My academic research area is “Low-Dimensional Topology” (think “rubber Geometry”), and in particular, 3-Dimensional spaces. For many years now I’ve been focused on turning these abstractions in 3-Dimensions into physical reality.

In addition to making things on a computer, I enjoy working with my hands. I’ve laid lots of tile, from hand-made mosaics to large porcelain. I also do a lot of carpentry and electrical work, and a bit of plumbing when necessary. In my spare time I enjoy martial arts (I have black belts in Karate (open hand combat) and Kobudo (traditional weaponry). I play the drums (although it’s been a while since I’ve had time to be in a band). In my younger days I was a “roadie,” and set up for acts including The Rolling Stones, U2, The Grateful Dead, Metallica, and Aerosmith.

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